AC & chiller related work


We do undertake maintenance contract of Schools ,Buildings, companies AC and chillers.


Trouble shooting in a professional and economical way with workmanship warranty.


Used and new installation of AC and chiller with all its accessories and support.


Gas leak in mostly air condition units, water leak in chilled water lines , pressure testing etc.


New and used AC and chillers commissioning after inspecting every gas line, power ok.

Gas recovering

To save Freon gas, while replacing coil/comp/any parts. Machine for rent available)

Coil replacement

New condenser /Evaporator coils are available as per existing and can replace.

Shell and tube heat exchange repairing

Re tubing , Descaling ,cleaning, leak arresting, alteration etc.


New Chillers ,AHU, and big cooling equipment’s erection can be undertaken.


Any cooling equipment can be dismantle with out disturbing its parts efficiency.

Re installation

After proper check up and service we will make unit to work smooth like before.

Water service

Professional ly doing this periodically or once required will reduce power consumption.


Unit’s removal, shifting with most care and installation after through check up will save money.


Anti corrosion coating on coils, refurbishment of any cooling unit’s with warranty can provide .


Compressors in site or in our factory with up and down transportation can provide .


Professional winding of motors and compressors in less time can stop your loss in production.

Electrical work

Extension of power for new units can do with its tray, support & joints with glands.

Civil work

Foundation with concrete for units if on roof top or on ground can be undertaken.

Scrap purchase

To help client while purchase, we do help with buy back option to any unit existing.


With our expertise we can provide solution to cooling issues in a minimal way.


As a manufacturer, our fabricators are skilled with GI, SS and MS for stand, tank, shed etc.


Manufacturing of all our metal body for chillers, we can undertake similar works from you also.


Proper insulation to resist heat in water tanks and water and gas pipelines will save power.


We can dismantle and reassemble any unit on roof top incase crane can’t help.

Cold room

Freezer and chiller rooms to maintain -20 / +5 ,Any dimension ,any place with warranty.

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