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AMC of chillers and AC


Renting ac and water chillers

Emirates Jo Trade Co. L.L.C Est. ; an organization engaged in Manufacturing Chillers, Cold store condensor, Refurbished Compressors and Trading in Refrigeration equipments, Spare parts and Accessories etc.

Work related to Air condition and chillers

AMC (Annual Maintenance contract) of chillers and AC, All kinds of AC installation, maintenance work, All kinds of chiller installation, maintenance work, All Capacity cold room /Freezer room supply, erection, commissioning, maintenance etc

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Renting ac and water chillers

We offer A/C Sales & Rental for use with a cold plunge pool or for those who just want to cool off heir pool water. These pool heat pumps are a must for athletic facilities or physical therapy centers that use cold plunge pools as part of their treatment.

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